Q: When will I receive my tracking number?
A: You will receive your tracking number via email the day your order is processed and shipped. Please keep in mind we have a 24-48 turn-around processing time.

Q: What's the fastest way to get in contact with SVB?
A: The fastest way to reach is is by emailing us at

Q: Why are there sold items on the website?
A: We allow sold items to stay on the website to give our customers an idea of what we carry and sell. After 3 months the sold items will automatically fall off.

Q: Whats next for SVB?
A: Besides the website we've been working on were happy to announce we will now be a part of trade shows, pop-up shops within the United States, and we will have events in our showroom.

Q: Where do you all get the SVB inventory from?
A: We consider them treasure hunts! We search high and low to provide top quality items. We travel several times a year from city to city to hand curate items from private owners and victorian auctions. Let us know if we're doing a good job.

Q: Do you carry plus size items?
A: Yes we do as of June 2018! We're proud to share we cary from, size 14-20.

Q: Are items dry cleaned before shipped out?
A:Yes majority of our items are dry cleaned prior to shipping.

Q: How does the SVB rewards program work?
A: Please refer to the "Earn Rewards" tab for all details.

Q: Do we ship internationally?
A: Yes of course we do! At a flat rate of $25

Q: Where do you ship from? 
A: Chicago, Illinois

Q: Where do you get the beautiful authentic kimonos from?
A: Upon traveling to Thailand last year in April we met a family owned business who we've hired to hand sew each kimono.

Q: Do you sell damaged items?
A: No, we take pride on curating items in great or excellent condition. 

Q: Can I see a clothing item modeled on a human?
A: Sorry but we are limited to professional dress form mannequins. 

Q: Do you offer layaway?
A: No but we are considering it via PayPal. Its called Laybuy! Stay tuned...